Second day at Vestibule class

The second day started off with Leila giving the students career assessments where we had to move the slider based on our characters/nature.

Then after Professor D asked us to update our wordpress by writing a little about ourselves. We learned how to create an empty canvas on p5js and draw different shapes on them. So, to draw any shape, one would need to enter the coordinates of the shapes(where to draw it) and the size of the shapes. The shapes we worked on today were rectangles, triangles, squares, straight lines and my favorite, circles. Interestingly, while drawing circles, we needed to enter both the height and width of the circle of the radius. It is not a bad thing since we can create ovals by just increasing or decreasing either the height or width.

We also learned to make the edges of the shapes thicker by using “stroke” and used the “fill” to paint the inside of the shapes which works like the bucket tool in ms-paint.

After that, we were told to pair up with a partner and create basic shapes and give a short demo on our project. I was teamed up with Yamil and we decided to do a snowman first. We were just messing around with circles and trying to find the right coordinate and size for the snowman’s head, body, legs, mouth and eyes. We changed the stroke’s color to white to make the border disappear so it appeared as a single snowman than 3 different segments. We wanted to do stick-hands on the snowman but couldn’t because of time constraints since there were no grids on the canvas and we would have to guess the x1,y1,x2,y2 coordinates of the hands.

The other project was called the bullseye project where I talked and Yamil typed. We first wanted to do a hot steamy donut but did not want to do curvy lines at this stage so we came up with doing a bullseye target instead. It was simply circles within circles and we added text to it using “text” to put numbers in the target area. We would have liked to divide the target into different pies like in a real target block using straight lines but couldn’t because of limited time.



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