The Music Visualization Hackathon

Several of my classmates and I went to the Spotify location for The Music Visualization Hackathon. There were tons of people there already when I got there. It was a nice big space with projecters in all sides of the wall to make sure everybody would get to see the presentations.

The event’s main theme was giving visuals to music or sounds. One of the presenters lost some hearing and his main goal was to make people see sound in a certain way. The talks were held by Deborah Johnson from Candystations,  Mathew Kaney from MusEDLab and others. They demonstrated their projects which showed animations react to the music in certain ways. I especially liked the demonstration in which users would wear Virtual Reality headsets and play games which created or reacted to sound. Another project I really liked was the concert that was held for deaf people. They created a big room with sound systems all over the place and when the music started playing, the people could “feel” the music instead of hearing them.

This event was certainly an eye opener as it showed that a form of media could be changed to another form so that it could be received from other senses or sensors too.


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