5th Day

We were asked by the professor to pair up with classmates and use whatever we had learned so far to create a project. The conditions were to move shapes across the screen and make them bounce back, to use if statements to create multiple conditions, etc. Me, Eric and Chris decided to team up and started working on it.

By looking at examples, I knew how to make balls bounce back from the edge of the canvas but didn’t know how to make the ball go back and forth over and over again. I really wanted to include that in my project and I asked one of my classmates and he told me to use OR statement and change the speed to negative as soon as the ball reached the canvas’s edge. It all made sense to me and I wanted to make more additions to the project. So I went home and started thinking of what other features could be added to the project to make sure all the assignment conditions were met.

There was also an intense Daniel Shiffman video marathon after I got home which was recommended by the professor that were really helpful.


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