Day 7

We started the morning with students showing their work. I especially liked the flower and the bee project. The diagonal leaf loop was interesting and I am not quite sure what made the bee leave the screen permanently after you “tickled” it (will ask later). I also liked the car project and learned some cheap and free web-hosting sites which might be useful later on.

Then we used terminal to download files from github to the local hard drive. Later part of the day was set aside for revision and we went through everything all over again. We revised about creating objects to make our codes neat and clean, revised conditional statements and creating and calling functions, loops, etc by looking at examples.

One thing I noticed when looking at some of the examples was that it seemed as if the programs had been written from bottom part then moved to the upper part. For example, I wonder if the programmers know what they’re going to do from the very first line and just go on from there. For me in some cases for example, I start from the first line with “function setup” only to realize later on that I would need to declare a variable on top. I really admire how coders have a holistic view of the project and know what they want to do beforehand and I will work to get there eventually hopefully.


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