HTML and CSS sample

It is almost the end of the second week of the HTML and CSS classes and we have been learning a lot. I like HTML because its very simple but i think i need to remember a lot of tags. CSS is pretty cool and I have been playing with different css properties. Instructor Kurt asked us to create a website and I have been working on it. I am really liking CSS so far but I still struggle with the float property a lot because it has a tendency to take things out of place. I just need to know the right place to clear the float. Another thing I am a bit worried about is that things fall apart when I resize the window so I dont know how my website will show up in other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. I am trying to put everything in percentage to avoid this.

I played with the keyframes animation property too and made my banner rotate which is pretty nice. I gave my website a retro look and added my favorite cartoons and videogames in the website. I will make changes to it later and make it my portfolio page.

here is the link to my codes for the website on github.



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