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HTML and CSS sample

It is almost the end of the second week of the HTML and CSS classes and we have been learning a lot. I like HTML because its very simple but i think i need to remember a lot of tags. CSS is pretty cool and I have been playing with different css properties. Instructor Kurt asked us to create a website and I have been working on it. I am really liking CSS so far but I still struggle with the float property a lot because it has a tendency to take things out of place. I just need to know the right place to clear the float. Another thing I am a bit worried about is that things fall apart when I resize the window so I dont know how my website will show up in other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. I am trying to put everything in percentage to avoid this.

I played with the keyframes animation property too and made my banner rotate which is pretty nice. I gave my website a retro look and added my favorite cartoons and videogames in the website. I will make changes to it later and make it my portfolio page.

here is the link to my codes for the website on github.



Day 8

Today we just worked with some command lines. One of the students gave a tutorial on how to install, upload and download files on github on windows platform which was really useful.

Finally, I did some final touches on the project such as adding comments, etc. We also talked about some text editors and were introduced to atom which is one of the most popular text editors around.

It was sometimes frustrating to see the code break completely but very fruitful and satisfying to see it work. This has been a fun ride and I have learned a lot in these few days and make some really cool stuff.

Day 7

We started the morning with students showing their work. I especially liked the flower and the bee project. The diagonal leaf loop was interesting and I am not quite sure what made the bee leave the screen permanently after you “tickled” it (will ask later). I also liked the car project and learned some cheap and free web-hosting sites which might be useful later on.

Then we used terminal to download files from github to the local hard drive. Later part of the day was set aside for revision and we went through everything all over again. We revised about creating objects to make our codes neat and clean, revised conditional statements and creating and calling functions, loops, etc by looking at examples.

One thing I noticed when looking at some of the examples was that it seemed as if the programs had been written from bottom part then moved to the upper part. For example, I wonder if the programmers know what they’re going to do from the very first line and just go on from there. For me in some cases for example, I start from the first line with “function setup” only to realize later on that I would need to declare a variable on top. I really admire how coders have a holistic view of the project and know what they want to do beforehand and I will work to get there eventually hopefully.

Day 6

The day began with Leila showing us some motivational quote boards which the students had made and we talked about hidden job markets and also watched a motivational video recommended by a student. We also set up a LinkedIn account which I had always wanted to do but never got around doing it and saw many familiar faces who were my email contacts. We followed each other on LinkedIn and proceeded to complete our profiles.

Later part of the day, Professor D asked us to create a Github account. Github is basically a repository where we can save or store our codes. We do this for several reasons as we can rollback to previous changes if the code stops working later, we can share codes among other programmers and share ideas, work together with other coders on a similar project, and also we dont have to carry our flash drives around.

I followed other people in class and made a pull request, forked chris’s and eric’s projects and added some comments to it. We then worked on the assignment after class at college premises.

5th Day

We were asked by the professor to pair up with classmates and use whatever we had learned so far to create a project. The conditions were to move shapes across the screen and make them bounce back, to use if statements to create multiple conditions, etc. Me, Eric and Chris decided to team up and started working on it.

By looking at examples, I knew how to make balls bounce back from the edge of the canvas but didn’t know how to make the ball go back and forth over and over again. I really wanted to include that in my project and I asked one of my classmates and he told me to use OR statement and change the speed to negative as soon as the ball reached the canvas’s edge. It all made sense to me and I wanted to make more additions to the project. So I went home and started thinking of what other features could be added to the project to make sure all the assignment conditions were met.

There was also an intense Daniel Shiffman video marathon after I got home which was recommended by the professor that were really helpful.

The Music Visualization Hackathon

Several of my classmates and I went to the Spotify location for The Music Visualization Hackathon. There were tons of people there already when I got there. It was a nice big space with projecters in all sides of the wall to make sure everybody would get to see the presentations.

The event’s main theme was giving visuals to music or sounds. One of the presenters lost some hearing and his main goal was to make people see sound in a certain way. The talks were held by Deborah Johnson from Candystations,  Mathew Kaney from MusEDLab and others. They demonstrated their projects which showed animations react to the music in certain ways. I especially liked the demonstration in which users would wear Virtual Reality headsets and play games which created or reacted to sound. Another project I really liked was the concert that was held for deaf people. They created a big room with sound systems all over the place and when the music started playing, the people could “feel” the music instead of hearing them.

This event was certainly an eye opener as it showed that a form of media could be changed to another form so that it could be received from other senses or sensors too.

Day 4- The revision

On the fourth day of the class, we basically went over everything we did so far. I created a project in class that would change the background’s color using variable. In the same project, I created a circle grow to a certain amount and also used “IF” statement to make a circle change direction when it reached a certain size. My goal is to create a day and night scene in which the background and certain objects such as sun and moon would loop infinitely.